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FlowMedia's solar live transfer program delivers your solar sales team with qualified prospects who are interested in adopting solar.  Through proprietary data modeling and opt-in web leads, FlowMedia's solar outreach team engages potential solar customers who are then put through a series of filters to ensure lead quality and conversion rates.

After meeting the initial filtering guidlines, a solar outreach manager will take the prospect through a 2nd filtering process to ensure data integrity and lead accuracy prior to engaging your sales team through a warm three way handoff.  During the lead handoff process, FlowMedia lead management system will simultaneously post all lead data to your chosen CRM to ensure a seamless sales process.  If you don't have a CRM available, FlowMedia will provide a complete web-based lead management solution for free to allow you to manage each lead to help maximize conversion rates.


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FlowMedia's solar appointments allow you and your team to focus on selling.   Let FlowMedia's team of solar outreach agents schedule appointments for your sales team to ensure that their time is spent working with pre-screened consumers that are interested in adopting residential solar.  All solar appointments go through a multi-stage filtering process to help ensure the quality of each prospect.

FlowMedia appointment filters include:

  1. Is interested in pursuing residential solar
  2. Single Family Home Owner
  3. Good or Excellent Credit
  4. Monthly Electric of $150 or Higher
  5. No on any government assistance programs
  6. No major shading issues
  7. Geo-graphic targeting at the zip code level

Once a consumer has met all the required filter criteria, our solar outreach agent will schedule either a call or a face to face appointment for one of your sales executives.

FlowMedia's solar web leads are delivered through a closed loop controlled lead generation strategy to ensure lead quality and customer satisfaction.  All leads are delivered through our inteligent lead management system which provides unlimited routing and filtering options to meet the needs of the smallest and biggest solar sales organization.  Each customer is provided a complete lead management portal which provide reporting and analytics as well as return and order management.  You will have complete transparency across your lead campaign while being able to analyze your own sales team's lead utilization and conversions.

Unlike most lead providers, FlowMedia generates all solar web leads with internal resources, not affiliates.  Our goal is to offer our solar clients the tools and information they need to achieve the maximum ROI possible from every lead that is delivered.  In an effort to further enhance our solar clients success, FlowMedia has deployed a complete learning management platform designed to educate solar sales executives on the best practices of web lead and live transfer lead strategies. We offer this education platform to every solar client at no charge.

Solar Web Leads

Energizing Solar Adoption

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Solar Web Leads

FlowMedia's solar web leads provide consistent conversion quality based on our end to end control methodology.   Most web lead vendors are acting within layers of brokers which dramatically increases quality and communication issues.   It is not uncommon for leads to be delivered at each layer in the broker networks causing leads to be delivered to 10 or more solar companies.   Click here to read more...

Solar Live Transfers

Live transfer solar leads deliver the highest conversion rates available.  Each lead is qualified by our team of solar outreach agents through a three step quality assurance process. Click here to read more...